A Day In The Life Of A Martis...

A Morning Prayer

A bright blue morning, a bright blue day
The heaven’s wake up, as I open my gaze
A cherish of hope, a feeling of grace
I thank Lord Jesus, as I kneel down and pray

My past is checkered, my present is plain
The need for forgiveness, is what I proclaim
I am unworthy, my path is astray
As I look upon you Lord Jesus, I see the right way

Deeds have been selfish, bridled by ego insane
The pride has been hurtful, to my people who make a change
My embarrassment to talk about you, is something I accept
Your love Lord Jesus, makes me regret

I am your child, your spirit in me dwelt
When I call your name, your presence is felt
My life is saved, by your unending light,
The world needs saving Lord Jesus, through your unending might

Thank You Lord :)

To Be A Singapore Gooner!

So yesterday I finally chose to officiate my love for Arsenal by joining the Supporters Club having followed it for so long. I am more of a closet fan, but have enjoyed heading to a pub in Mumbai with friends & colleagues during a match.

In Singapore now, most of the acquaintances I have come to know of are generally still in the ‘Cricket’ bracket which being an Indian you will never ever escape. So here goes, I look out for the people with an ‘Arsenal’ interest and I find these guys ‘ArsenalSingapore’. They have an official pub too called Molly Roffey’s for all the Arsenal games, how effing cool is that!

So before I could enter I had to register myself for the club, whilst registering I had an Arsenal member saying ‘Did you see that guy in the ManU shirt?’, I replied ‘No, many Arsenal Fans here’ she retorts ‘Well I am going to be looking for those ManU shirts, they better not misbehave else they will be out’. Ah! That feeling of the right place at the right time, yeah I felt it then. (Yeah you knucklehead ManU tweeter, I am talking to you)

So head inside Molly Roffey’s it’s Arsenal heaven. It’s packed to the core with Arsenal Fans, it’s like a portion of the Emirates got transported to Singapore. The ‘Na Na Giroud’, ‘Santi, Santi, Carzorlaaa’, ‘Come On, Come On Arsenal’ just rang through the night. In all that excitement the match begins, of course isn’t the best first half with RVP scoring that god forsaken header. As much as I love RVP for that one season, he is showing himself to be a fraud more that I get to read of him especially his interviews. But regardless of the blip the Arsenal Fans at Molly’s kept it on, finally the 2nd half we saw some intent. Have to say ManU defended well, but we really lacked the incisiveness that you need for these big games, maybe a fresher Giroud could have done it, or Walcott’s pace could have run them over. Ozil was no where near his best yesterday. It’s a culmination of many things which made us lose last night. But I still take it as a positive, 2 out of 3 back to back tough matches for me is acceptable.

Well by the end of it, there was a ruckus created by some classless ManU fans. The usual screaming and showing off which is come to be known of the usual d***heads at such games. I guess they got a taste of their own medicine last night, if I am not mistaken ;).

All in all for me, I enjoyed the experience and looking forward to be a more closer part of this awesome Supporter’s Club for Arsenal.

Cheers Till Later.

Finally back to blogging and loving it!

Ah! The debacle of Posterous. It was an informed choice between this and that when I finally chose the later. A year down the line twitter bought it out, left me nutting about the Wordpress DNS but finally Tumblr showed me the way.

So what’s been happening with me people, well for one I am a married guy and now have +1 to all my insanity. I luckily saved some of my posts from the previous site which I shall upload on this soon. Guess I am now refreshed, have much to say and looking to blog least one a week even if it’s a hit and miss.

But yeah the fact that I can type and talk about things itself is fun! So yeah I am back :)